Want DirectX? Here’s How You Can Download and Install It

Do you want DirectX because of its ability to provide better, more realistic graphics? Are you wanting to download and install it today? If you’re reading this on a Windows PC, then there’s a pretty good chance that you have this software program installed by default. You probably have DirectX running right now and might not even realize it!

The one issue that users face, however, is the fact that automatic updates to the computer don’t always include DirectX. Sometimes you need to manually download the upgrades that are released so that you can get the increased graphics performance that you want. If your graphics are lagging, glitchy, or just plain bad, then it might be time for an update.

Here’s how you’re going to get this job done.

#1. Find the Latest Version

You can locate the latest version of DirectX on Microsoft’s download management website. You’ll need to select the right version for your computer in order to proceed. If you’re not sure what version of the download you need, then the full cumulative service pack is likely going to be your best option to download today. Otherwise the end-user web installer is the latest release and it will install any files you need, but don’t have.

#2. Click the Link

Once you click the link for your preferred version of DirectX, the downloading process will begin. You may need to go through multiple approvals to get the actual files to start downloading depending on what your firewall, file security, and anti-virus software requirements are. Simply approve the download and it will begin.

#3. Finish the Installation

Once the download for the update is complete, you’ll be prompted to finish the installation. Approve the installation and you’ll be taken into the Wizard screens. No matter what version of DirectX you’re running right now, it will become upgraded to the latest version after the installation is complete. This may take a few minutes to complete depending on your system and how big of an upgrade you’ve got to make.

#4. Restart Your Computer

You aren’t typically asked to restart your computer after the installation is finished, but make sure that you do. This will make sure you’ve got a stable operating system for the new DirectX files. If you have anything open at this point in time that needs to be saved, then do so before restarting the computer. You don’t have to do a full shutdown sequence – the restart command is good enough.

#5. Finish It Up!

Once your computer fully restarts, test the DirectX upgrade to see if you’ve solved the graphics problems you were having. Because DirectX taps directly into your computer’s processing power, it will often increase the speed of your graphics and give you a more realistic experience.

For most modern computers running Windows, you’ll need at least DirectX 9 to have a good experience. Upgrade to DirectX 11 and you’ll get better shadowing, movement, and immersion in sound and visuals that is pretty amazing! Download and install this software package today and you won’t be disappointed by the results.

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