What Are the Features of DirectX 11?

DirectX has been a program that was designed to work on Microsoft platforms so that better graphics in gaming, office software products, and even internet applications could be achieved. The first DirectX came out when Windows was still in its early stages and it has since evolved just as the Windows operating system has evolved. There are a number of exciting features in DirectX 11 that make the computer experience better, so let’s take a look at the best of those features right now.

Many Modern PC Games Utilize DirectX 11

For many games, and especially the 3D games that are available today for PC platforms, it is DirectX 11 that is the software behind the visuals. DirectX 11 also takes the sound effects that are immersive to a whole new level so that the gaming experience from a computer is more real than ever before. If you’ve got a great looking and sounding game, then you’re likely using DirectX 11 software.

The reason why the graphics in the new DirectX package look so awesome is that the software has been redesigned with the modern computer in mind. It can literally tap into the multi-core processor to provide your graphics card with better speed for each graphic, which means intense, realistic graphics can be processed at real time, even with a nuanced look.

Some computers come with a DirectX 11 GPU to enhance this processing power even further, but the software alone will have you buzzing!

What Is Tessellation and Why Should You Care?

The key to a high quality 3D image is an ability to replicate the textures and natural environments that are part of the real world. Tessellation takes a regular bump mapping screen and utilizes more polygons, triangles, and other geometric surfaces to make it seem like you’re looking at a surface with depth instead of a flat surface. This makes it possible to create curved edges and realistic movements that you won’t see in previous versions of DirectX.

The improvements in ambient occlusion in DirectX 11 are also quite notable. When light exposure isn’t realistic, then a gaming environment can’t ever become immersive because it doesn’t look real. It’s more than just making sure that the lighting isn’t too bright or that light behaves in natural ways, like creating a shadow. It means that every item has a shadow that is caused by an increase or decrease in light so that an entire image looks realistic. This also allows for game designed to create more depth within the image itself, either from the horizon [HBAO] or just from high definition graphics [HDAO].

Maybe the nicest feature is the fact that this allows for shadows to be softer as they stretch further away from the source of the item casting the shadow, which is what happens in real life.

DirectX 11 initially shipped with Windows 7 operating systems, so it has been around for a little while. If you haven’t upgraded to this software program, assuming you don’t have the GPU already installed, then do so today. You’ll soon discover that there’s a whole new world to gaming that you’ve been overlooking!

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