ARCFOX Alpha S5: A New Era of Electric Driving

ARCFOX, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer, has recently unveiled the official poster of its new model, the Alpha S5, showcasing the sleek design of this upcoming vehicle. While the company has not yet confirmed the release date of this new car, it is generating significant buzz in the automotive industry.

Positioned as a mid-to-large size pure electric sedan, the Alpha S5 is the brand’s second sedan offering following the successful launch of the Alpha S. It boasts an impressive driving range of over 500 kilometers, making it a strong contender in the electric vehicle market.

The Alpha S5 had already completed its declaration with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology back in August last year. The new car adheres to the design philosophy of the ARCFOX family, with a closed front face commonly seen in electric vehicles, triangular headlights, and dimensions of 4820/1930/1480mm with a wheelbase of 2900mm and a curb weight of 1920kg.

For comparison, the dimensions of the BYD Seal are 4800x1875x1460mm, while the current ARCFOX Alpha S measures 4930×1940×1599mm.

In terms of size and powertrain, the Alpha S5 is positioned as a product below the Alpha S, but it looks sportier and more youthful. In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a TZ220XS645 electric motor produced by Beijing Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., with a peak power of 185kW. It will feature phosphate iron lithium batteries from CATL, with a top speed of 180km/h.

Overall, the ARCFOX Alpha S5 is shaping up to be a formidable competitor in the electric vehicle market, combining style, performance, and range. Its release is eagerly anticipated by both industry insiders and consumers alike.

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Deepal G318 to Make Its Debut on March 18th

On March 18th, at the Deepal Super Range Evolution event, the highly anticipated Deepal G318 made its grand appearance. This mid-to-large size SUV, crafted by Deepal Automobile, boasts a rugged design philosophy complemented by a state-of-the-art super range extender system, which includes a 1.5T engine paired with a high-performance electric motor. The vehicle is also equipped with a “Golden Bell Cover” battery and is expected to be priced around 300,000 yuan.

In terms of styling, the Deepal G318 exudes a cyberpunk aesthetic with its silver metallic body, reminiscent of a warrior clad in black armor. Additionally, images of a green variant have been released, showcasing an imposing presence. The front face emphasizes metallic polygonal cuts, presenting a tech-heavy ruggedness that diverges from traditional hardcore models. The widening body from top to bottom adds to the SUV’s rugged demeanor, while the C-shaped daytime running lights on either side of the vehicle are instantly recognizable. Notably, the G318 offers optional factory roof rack spotlights, providing ample lighting for off-roading or camping adventures.

The vehicle’s profile features a lower front and higher rear design, with waistline and roof contours creating a cutting edge look that conveys a sense of formidable strength. Optional large-sized AT tires can enhance the vehicle’s off-road capabilities, proving useful on gravel and muddy terrains.

At the rear, the Deepal G318 adopts a “Space Gateway” theme, where the tailgate glass and lower black section form the main body, extended by volumetric sides that culminate in a supportive structure. The C-shaped energy crystal taillights echo the design of the headlamps, with a more three-dimensional and powerful appearance. The signature spare tire of rugged SUVs is present, and the six-spoke cover enhances the vehicle’s tech-heavy visual impact.

In terms of dimensions, the Deepal G318 measures 4998mm in length, 1985mm in width, and 1960mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2880mm. Under the hood, it utilizes a super range extender system powered by a 1.5T engine and a high-performance electric motor, featuring a dual-motor four-wheel drive setup with a total power output of 316kW. The front motor has a peak power of 131kW, while the rear motor reaches up to 185kW. With a full load weight of 2800kg, the ton power ratio hits 112.86kW/1000kg, and the vehicle is capable of performing U-turns on the spot. For added versatility, the Deepal G318 offers a range of original equipment options including racks, spotlights, electric steps, spare tires, and comes with towing capabilities, all backed by the “Golden Bell Cover” battery technology.

Leapmor C10 Unveils Its Innovative Features

Recently, Leapmotor has officially commenced the delivery of its latest model, the Leapmotor C10, and plans to expand its sales globally in the latter half of the year. As the company’s first global strategic model under the LEAP 3.0 technology framework, the Leapmotor C10 comes in seven variants, offering both pure electric and range-extender power options, with prices ranging from 128,800 to 168,800 yuan in China. Notably, the intelligent enjoyment version and above configurations account for 85% of the selections, while the complete package option is chosen by 95% of customers.

The C10 is built on Leapmotor’s LEAP 3.0 “Clover” architecture, slightly smaller in size than the Leapmotor C11, potentially offering a lower price point. It continues to provide both range-extender and pure electric power options and is equipped with LiDAR, enabling advanced intelligent driving capabilities.

In terms of design, the C10 maintains the family design language, featuring a rounded closed front face that is consistent across both the pure electric and range-extender models. Triangular-shaped headlight assemblies connected by an LED light strip exude a high-tech vibe, and the inclusion of geometric multi-beam LED headlights enhances brightness. The lower bumper is adorned with a rectangular smoked panel, complemented by “L” shaped air intakes on both sides, contributing to a robust and imposing appearance.

With dimensions of 4739mm in length, 1900mm in width, and 1680mm in height, and a wheelbase of 2825mm, the C10 may be slightly smaller than the Leapmotor C11, but its square and full body contour, paired with 20-inch gunmetal gray multi-spoke rims and a floating roofline, creates a sense of presence and luxury that even surpasses the Leapmotor C11. While positioned lower, the Leapmotor C10 does not feature frameless doors but retains hidden door handles. The roof-mounted lookout tower LiDAR indicates that high-end models will likely offer advanced intelligent driving functions.

Inside, the C10 departs from the signature triple-screen design in favor of a floating central control screen and a full LCD instrument cluster, further controlling costs while aligning with current mainstream aesthetics. The new vehicle is also equipped with an 8295 chip and a new car machine system, enhancing its intelligence further.

Additionally, the C10 features a dual-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel with roller buttons, an electronic gear lever, and hidden air conditioning vents, all contributing to a cleaner overall look. Notably, traditional interior door handles make a comeback, although they are now designed with lever-style window switches.

In terms of intelligent driving, the new model boasts hardware redundancy capable of supporting L3 level intelligent driving. It is equipped with five millimeter-wave radars, four surround view cameras, front binocular cameras, twelve ultrasonic radars, four blind spot cameras, one high-position rearview camera, and one LiDAR sensor.

Power-wise, the C10 offers both range-extender and pure electric power options. The pure electric version features a single rear-drive motor with a maximum output of 170kW, equipped with battery packs of 52.9kWh and 69.9kWh, delivering CLTC cruising ranges of 410km and 530km, respectively. The range-extender version’s powertrain consists of a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine and an electric motor, with the engine providing a maximum output of 70kW and the motor 170kW, paired with a 28.4kWh battery pack. This configuration offers a CLTC pure electric range of 210km and a combined range of 1190km.

The All-New Hongqi EH7: A Revolutionary Entry in the Electric Vehicle Market

The official channels have announced that the eagerly awaited Hongqi EH7 is set to hit the market on March 20th. As the inaugural model from the independently operated new energy sub-brand, the EH7 is built upon the cutting-edge FMEs “Flag” super architecture and boasts an impressive maximum range of 820 kilometers.

Embodying the latest design language of the Hongqi brand, the EH7 features a closed front face that accentuates its identity as a new energy vehicle. The “L” shaped lighting clusters on either side of the car’s front integrate seamlessly with the longitudinal ventilation openings of the front bumper, creating a cohesive and striking design. An arced, double-layered cooling vent is also prominently placed at the center of the bumper, adding to the vehicle’s visual impact.

From the side profile, the EH7 showcases a waistline that extends from the front to the rear, complemented by flush door handles and a sleek door panel design. The vehicle is further enhanced with a five-spoke wheel design, which, along with the overall styling, exudes a youthful and sporty flair.

At the rear, the EH7 sports a through-type smoked taillight design, with the internal light sources of the main taillight bodies resembling feather shapes, offering high recognition when illuminated. In terms of dimensions, the new vehicle measures 4980mm in length, 1915mm in width, 1490mm in height, and has a wheelbase of 3000mm.

Stepping inside, the dual screen setup combined with a multi-sided steering wheel creates a strong sense of technological sophistication. In terms of configuration, the new vehicle is equipped with a curved dual screen design consisting of a 6-inch and a 15.5-inch display. It also features an AR HUD (Head-Up Display) system, and the vehicle’s computer is powered by the Snapdragon 8155 chip.

Under the hood, the Hongqi EH7 offers both single-motor and dual-motor all-wheel drive versions for consumers to choose from. The dual-motor all-wheel drive version delivers a combined power output of 455kW and comes with an 111kWh battery pack, providing a driving range of 760km. The single-motor long-range version, also equipped with an 111kWh battery pack, achieves an impressive range of up to 820km.

In conclusion, the Hongqi EH7 represents a leap forward in the electric vehicle market, blending innovative design, advanced technology, and impressive performance capabilities. Its launch on March 20th is anticipated to mark a significant milestone in the journey towards sustainable mobility.