Deepal G318 to Make Its Debut on March 18th

On March 18th, at the Deepal Super Range Evolution event, the highly anticipated Deepal G318 made its grand appearance. This mid-to-large size SUV, crafted by Deepal Automobile, boasts a rugged design philosophy complemented by a state-of-the-art super range extender system, which includes a 1.5T engine paired with a high-performance electric motor. The vehicle is also equipped with a "Golden Bell Cover" battery and is expected to be priced around 300,000 yuan.

Leapmor C10 Unveils Its Innovative Features

Recently, Leapmotor has officially commenced the delivery of its latest model, the Leapmotor C10, and plans to expand its sales globally in the latter half of the year. As the company's first global strategic model under the LEAP 3.0 technology framework, the Leapmotor C10 comes in seven variants, offering both pure electric and range-extender power options, with prices ranging from 128,800 to 168,800 yuan. Notably, the intelligent enjoyment version and above configurations account for 85% of the selections, while the complete package option is chosen by 95% of customers.

The All-New Hongqi EH7: A Revolutionary Entry in the Electric Vehicle Market

The official channels have announced that the eagerly awaited Hongqi EH7 is set to hit the market on March 20th. As the inaugural model from the independently operated new energy sub-brand, the EH7 is built upon the cutting-edge FMEs "Flag" super architecture and boasts an impressive maximum range of 820 kilometers.

ARCFOX Alpha S5: A New Era of Electric Driving

ARCFOX, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer, has recently unveiled the official poster of its new model, the Alpha S5, showcasing the sleek design of this upcoming vehicle. While the company has not yet confirmed the release date of this new car, it is generating significant buzz in the automotive industry.